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Attendance, Absence and Lateness

At Charlton, we are committed to working with parents to promote regular attendance and punctuality.

Charlton is proud of its high level of attendance which is above the average for similar schools nationally.  Whole school attendance is consistently above 96% and the school expects individual pupils to have attendance at this level.  It is important that children develop positive patterns of attendance and punctuality in order to have the best chance of making good educational progress.

Late arrivals

Late arrivals after the gates have closed should enter School via the School Office and are logged each day. The parents of pupils who are late more than occasionally will be invited to discuss the issue with the Head of School or a senior member of staff.

End of the School day

The school day ends at 3.15pm but it can take time for the older children to come down to the playground. Parents are asked to ensure children are  collected promptly either at 3.15pm or after any clubs they may attend. Finally, the class teacher or School Office must be informed of any changes to collection arrangements. A child will not be allowed to go with another parent unless permission has been sent in, or the School Office notified.

Absent from School

It is essential that we are informed when children are absent from school.  Parents and carers should telephone the School Office on the first day of absence and again each morning, unless there is an expected extended absence e.g. chicken pox.  Parents should then send a note when the child returns to school.  Parents wishing to take their child out of school during the day, for unavoidable medical appointments, must inform us beforehand. Routine dental and medical appointments should be booked for the end of the School day, or in the holidays where possible.

Parents wishing to take their child out of school for other reasons during term-time must complete a request form (available from the School Office) and return it to the Head of School for consideration. Term time will not be authorised due to the disruption it can cause to a child’s education. The Local Authority has advised schools that such holidays are not permitted.




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