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Clubs and Extra-Curricular

We are committed to having extra-curricular activities for all pupils to enhance their school experience and promote personal growth.

What is an extra-curricular activity?

It’s all in the name.

Extra-curricular refers to activity and learning done outside of the curriculum that is beneficial to a child’s education and development. Extra-curricular activities are, simply put, an activity that you do outside of the normal class timetable.

Extra-Curricular clubs:

We are proud to be able to offer a comprehensive extra-curricular programme for children who wish to participate. Extra-curricular activities typically take place either after school or at lunchtime. Through TA Sports we also offer clubs on site during the school holidays.

Extra-curricular clubs vary from term to term, and information is given to parents at the beginning of each term giving full details of all clubs available. Information is also provided on how to sign up for the club of your child’s choice.

Some clubs are charged and some are free (please see list below). If the cost of a club is a barrier to your child participating, please do get in touch with us.




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