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Citizenship and Character Development


We are delighted to to be part of a new and groundbreaking trust-wide awards programme for our children.

Why are we doing this?

We want all pupils to recognise that they can positively influence their own lives and those of others around them. Through our Character and Citizenship Awards, all pupils are encouraged to engage with the full range of opportunities provided by the curriculum and our enrichment offer so that they leave as well-rounded individuals with the confidence, attitudes and values needed for their future roles in society.

These awards have been extensively planned and developed with our primary schools and are linked to the opportunities outlined in the Vale Academy Trust Promise. Link to VAT Promise here

These awards have been designed with the following core principles at their heart:

  • All pupils will be involved and supported to succeed
  • The awards will support the personal development of all pupils
  • The awards will be promoted in schools to raise aspiration and recognition of success across the Trust
  • We will work in partnership with like-minded community organisations to make the awards highly prestigious

How have the awards been designed?

The awards are based on four key strands which aim to develop both character and citizenship. Within each strand, pupils develop their own sense of self and then a growing sense of how they can influence the school and the wider community.

  • Essential me: develop self, show school values, develop positive attitudes to learning
  • Enthusiastic me: try your best and achieve a target (linked to school based rewards)
  • Courageous me: challenge yourself and try something new
  • Responsible me: take action and influence others

The awards are designed to provide an element of choice in the challenges pupils undertake and dovetail with existing award programmes running in each school.

KS1 Bronze Award: pupils must complete 24 targets out of a total of 32 to gain their award, with at least 4 from each of the strands. They begin their awards journey in the summer term of Year 1.

KS2 Silver, Gold, Platinum Awards: pupils must complete a total of 20 targets out of a total of 24 with a least 4 per strand.

The role of our community partners

We are delighted that a number of community organisations have agreed to be partners with us in our primary awards programme. We are grateful for their endorsement of our aims and principles and welcome their support, with award presentations and celebrations. Through these partnerships, we are hoping to arrange for special visitors to present Bronze and Silver Awards in school and have been offered a range of prestigious venues for Gold and Platinum presentation events.


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