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Design and Technology

Being a Designer

“All problems are solved by good design.” 



At Charlton, Design and Technology plays an important role within our curriculum and is underpinned by our four curriculum drivers: Knowledge, Responsibility, Wonder and Discovery.  


Knowledge: In all Design & Technology units, children will know about the purpose of the which they design and make, and their users’ needs, wants, interests or preferences will be central to the design process  

Responsibility: It is our aim that children learn to take risks and become resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens who have the expertise to carry out everyday tasks responsibly 

Wonder: Through Design & Technology, children will develop their sense of wonder, creativity and imagination to design and make purposeful products that solve real and relevant problems. 

Discovery: It is vital that through our curriculum children have the opportunity to design and make products that are believable, real and meaningful to themselves 


Cooking and nutrition is taught as part of Design and Technology across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Learning how to cook is a crucial life skills that enables children to feed themselves and others affordably and well; now and in later life. Children will learn about the principles of nutrition and healthy eating and alongside other subjects, they will learn about where and why food comes from and how ingredients are grown, reared and produced. 





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